Tuesday, October 17, 2006


TATOO ME Mannequins; Guest book

Souvenirs of the exhibition

Kitchen appliance

HO from Nicolas Deladerriere

" ... Imagine if a machine could filter water to purify your soul ... "
contact: nicodelad@hotmail.com

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Bagswing from Kushboo Doshi

" ... Imagine if your carrier bag could carry you ... "
Contact: khushboo.doshi@gmail.com

Computer accessories

Made in from Franck Faïhun

" ... Imagine a world where everything was made in China ... "
Contact: franck_faihun@hotmail.com


Hand-le from Naomi Thellier

" ... Imagine if your front door could welcome you home... "
Contact: picahouette@hotmail.com


Flipa table from Jeanne Pruvot

" ... Imagine a world where a table could flip from one universe to another ... "
Contact: pruvotjane@hotmail.com

Escaping appliances

Peekaboo from Evy Dutheil
" ... Imagine if objects escaped when you tried to touch them ... "

Contact: dutheil.evy@online.fr find more on http://dutheil.evy.online.fr


Bbq Domino 4/2 from Lina Salyte and Andrius Smalinskas

" ... Imagine if your old barbecue could become your opponent in a game ... "
Contact: lina_sala@yahoo.co.uk and a_smalinskas@yahoo.co.uk
find more about the Bbq Domino on www.bbqdomino.co.uk


Flimsy limb from Gratien Missolo

" ... Imagine a world where your chair relaxed itself rather than relaxing you ... "
Contact: missolo1@hotmail.com


Memoslide from Nicola Tidbury

" ...Imagine a lamp which could tell you what it had seen... "

contact ickle_mushroom@hotmail.com

First aid cabinet

Erotikaid from Alexia Vella

"... Imagine a first aid kit for an unexpected rendez-vous ... "

Contact: alexiavella@yahoo.co.uk

Audio appliance

XP Son from Maxime Garros

" Imagine if an old tape recorder could become an experimental sound tape "

Contact: maximegarros@yahoo.fr